DiGiCo is at it again… with a sweet new website, and free console upgrades!
10 Jul 2013

DiGiCo is at it again… with a sweet new website, and free console upgrades!

In a press release this week, DiGiCo announces the launch of their new website.  Tons of new features, easier navigation, convenient product and support links directly from the home page, and more.  The site is way more accessible than the previous version, and is also quite pleasing to the eye.

“We knew we needed to update our website, to add more functionality for our customers and distributors,” says DiGiCo marketing director David Webster. “While we were doing this, we also wanted to make sure that we had the most user-friendly platform possible, which means we’ve adopted a ‘responsive’ approach.

The new site is faster, slicker, more responsive and dynamic, combining all the elements for quick and easy access to whatever you need, regardless of the device used to access it. It also includes new PDF brochures for every single product and solution/option.

“By responsive, we mean that it knows what device you are using to connect to the site, so displays it appropriately for you to access what you need through that device,” continues Webster. “The Menu structure is no longer a drop down list, but fully dynamic, allowing you to see pictures and links that are available without ever leaving the home page, so if you know the product you want it will take you straight to it.

“All the racks and options now are included in the menu structure. If you are new to DiGiCo and want to know more about the products, you simply click on the Products link and it allows you to show multi application consoles (All), Broadcast and Theatre.

“A brand new feature on this Product page is a compare console application. This allows you to do a side-by-side comparison of the main features of the product you are interested in. Additionally, D series, discontinued and legacy products have a link available at the bottom of the page
“On every product page there is a carousel of three images with the product’s main features to the right. The product page has four tabs: Overview, Specifications (that are printer friendly and copyable to insert into tender documents and specs), Hi Rez Gallery (also for inclusion into tenders and documents) and Brochure (which is available to view interactively on line or for simple download).

“The pièce de résistance is that from the product page you can access the latest support downloads for the chosen product without the need to access  the full support section.”

Despite all this instant accessibility, dynamic menus are still available for the support and downloads section, which show the latest releases, and also allow direct access to the full list available. There is also a direct link to a totally new video section, allowing the selection of videos to view through the digico.biz portal on DiGiCo’s YouTube channel, as well as  direct links to offline software, manuals and DXF drawings and the training section.

The new website is now live at www.digico.biz


And if the new website upgrade wasn’t enough, DiGiCo just released a firmware upgrade for the popular SD9 console.  We have included the necessary info below, but upgrading firmware can still be a tricky game.  PLEASE USE CAUTION when upgrading, making sure to follow every detailed instruction, backing up all of your console data on an external drive before attempting, and making sure you have ample time to troubleshoot and solve if something doesn’t work correctly.  If you are uncomfortable performing the upgrade yourself, or you are under a Provision AVS warranty period, please contact us directly to assist.

If you are upgrading from a version earlier than V443, please contact DiGiCo Support before attempting this upgrade. You can update directly from V443 to V634.

V634 replaces V573.


Do not perform the upgrade on the service or rehearsal day. In case the hardware upgrade fails it might take couple of days to get this part replaced.


Sessions from previous versions of SD9 software can be loaded into Version 634.

SD9 Version 634 Supports Waves 9. You should not enable Waves on your SD9 unless Waves hardware has been installed. This will cause SD9 to launch incorrectly.


The instructions will guide you through updating your SD9 Console to the latest Version 634 release.
This will involve updating the software, engine codes and various serial device firmware versions.

Console Versions of this software are available for download at:

http://www.digico.org/DiGiCo_Console/SD9_V634_Update_Package.zip  – The install package in ZIP format

User Name = user
Password = fader13

Please read the instructions carefully before proceeding:
Once unzipped. the install package contains:SD_V634 z_Updater.exe – The Updater File for the relevant console model

TN304.pdf – Upgrade Instructions in PDF format – Please read these instructions carefully before proceeding

TN278.pdf – Upgrading SD Series Racks via Optocore

SD_V634  Release Notes.pdf – Release Notes in PDF Format

SD_V634 _Copy_Audio.pdf – Guide to the new Copy Audio functions


An Offline Version of this software will be available at:


Online video training for SD series consoles is available at www.digico.tv.  However, if you prefer a more direct, hands-on training, we are always here to help.

Justin Linville