The FCC and Your Church’s Wireless Microphones (and your budget!)
22 Jan 2014

The FCC and Your Church’s Wireless Microphones (and your budget!)

Our friends at the FCC are at it again.  Well, maybe it’s them and maybe it’s your wireless carrier,or maybe it’s all of us eating up the bandwidth and creating the need for more and more RF spectrum.  Regardless of where the pressure is coming from, it’s back.  It seems consumers are using wireless data at an ever increasing rate.  This means we are demanding more of the spectrum because we “need” constant connectivity with, Pandora, YouTube, the NFL, and Facebook.  For some of us it’s hard to imaging the world of radio transmission as a limited space, (some people don’t even realize that their cell phone is actually a radio transmitter/receiver), but we are going to eventually find out just how limited that invisible world really is.

This article by Dan Daley written for Infocomm Members like Provision.  Infocomm is the new moniker of the International Communications Industry Association (ICIA), and they are one of the best sources of information about what is happening with changing technologies in the professional audio and video industry.  This is worth a read.  Maybe it will help some of you believe my rants about why you should use less expensive microphones that have *gasp* wires! 😉

John Linden

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