Why We Desire to Partner With Churches and Christian Organizations

Rob Connely   -  

When John and Alanna started Provision Audio Video solutions, their goals for the company were expressed within the name: that God would use the company to provide for His Church and for the families of those who would work for Provision. The desire to be part of God’s Provision for His church has developed into a concept we think of as a “Long-Term Ministry Partnership”.

When we think about our role in the lives of churches and Christian organizations, we think primarily about the Kingdom of God. This is expressed in our mission statement which reads:

“We provide all-inclusive pro audio, video, and lighting solutions for organizations in a manner which honors the Kingdom of God.”

Provision AVS serves churches, as well as Christian and secular organizations, businesses and non-profits. Our goal is to grow a business with values and actions that reflects the transforming love of Christ to all we serve. As individuals and as a company, we recognize our responsibility to play a direct role in the Great Commission (in representing Jesus to the world).

As we enter into partnerships with our clients, we know each partner has responsibilities. Provision AVS provides expertise, resources and equipment that furthers the mission of the church or organization. As an expression of our Christian worldview, we come to the partnership with four core values: Humility, Integrity, Quality, and Loyalty. How are these values put into action?

• Humility – Our staff seeks to listen well, withhold judgement, and communicate with grace.

• Integrity – We look out for the interests of others first and do what is right before God regardless of the perceived consequences.

• Quality – To provide valuable and reliable solutions, we must be detailed and care about the things our clients may not ever see – but we know impacts the end results.

• Loyalty – A company of loyalty means we value our clients because their organization, leadership, staff, and members matter to God.

The clients in partnership with Provision AVS share our values and invite us into their projects, engage in open conversation, give honest feedback and desire to continue in a strong working relationship over time. Many companies can provide products and services, but outside of relationship we believe organizations are not receiving the best care possible.

Learn more about our company and the partnership your organization can enjoy at provisionavs.com.