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Our team is available to help you evaluate your needs and values and sort through the vast array of technical options available for realizing them.

Many churches and other organizations are equipped with in-house A/V expertise and may wish to spearhead an A/V project internally. Provision serves as a resource in these cases, supplementing your in-house knowledge with our team's experience to ensure you bring your project across the finish line with flying colors.

We'll review your plan with you and highlight potential oversights, available efficiencies, or alternative approaches. We can create system drawings to help ensure that your plan can be communicated well to others. And when you're ready to implement your plan, we can serve as your procurement partner.

Extensive consultation is included as a part of all Design-Build projects, but our consultation services can also be engaged separately.

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In a design-build partnership, we get to know you, and your organization, culture, values and mission. We then work with you to articulate your AV system requirements, design the right solutions, implement the final product, and train users on the operation of the new system.

From Ideation Through Implementation: The A/V design-build partnership begins during the earliest stages of planning a new facility. This is critical for spaces purpose-built for sharing a message with large groups of people. Inviting Provision to the table before the building takes shape on paper guarantees A/V advocacy throughout the design process. We work closely with architects, electrical engineers and other trades to ensure that your needs are represented and supported well by the final design package.

Your Service And Support Partner: A key milestone in the design-build relationship is reached when we celebrate with you on launch day, but our partnership remains active. We continue to serve in a supporting role for you and your organization, ensuring that your systems serve your mission for years to come.

Renovations: Design-build partnerships aren't limited to new construction projects. We engage in the same process with you when you want to retrofit a system into an existing building, or when you need to update an old system to do something new.

Whether the project is new construction or a renovation, we look forward to celebrating with you on launch day and supporting your ongoing mission thereafter. We also look forward to the process that stands between that moment and this one: the design-build partnership!

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We're passionate about equipping and empowering the local church to carry out its mission, because we consider ourselves to be co-stewards of that mission. Knowledge is a vital component of equipping, empowering, and stewardship. That's why we love training so much!

Technical Training: Sometimes you don't need a new system, but you do need to improve your ability to make the current system do what you need it to do. Provision offers personalized training to help your tech teams sharpen their production skills.

Worship Team Workshops: Provision staff have led worship team workshops, taught leadership and ensemble skills seminars, served as conference clinicians and coached individual music teams internationally for over 15 years. We have worked with groups of diverse styles and denominational backgrounds, comprised by musicians of all ages and experience levels . We'd love the opportunity to customize a training program for your team!

Extensive training is included as a part of all Design-Build projects, but our training services can be engaged separately at an hourly rate or as part of a customized training package.

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If you have a system that isn't operating as it should, make Provision your first call.

We can fix that! We service and support A/V installations of all types, and it doesn’t matter if we installed it or not - if something’s wrong, we can help get it working right.

We can tune it up! A/V equipment needs to be maintained in order to continue functioning at its design level. Settings can drift out of alignment over time, or things may need to be re-calibrated to accommodate changing conditions or use cases. We can give your A/V systems a tune-up to restore lost performance, or sometimes to unlock unrealized potential.

We can get it figured out! In the church world, it isn't uncommon for someone to find themselves responsible for the upkeep and operation of a system whose history they don't know. Our technicians can help assess your current system, identify and work out any anomalies, and leave you with a better understanding of how to operate it.

We can run it for you! Sometimes your tech team just needs a breather... or no one is available. Call Provision! We may be able to help staff your tech booth for that upcoming hard-to-fill Sunday. Operating your systems for a weekend can also give us a great basis for future service, tunings, upgrade recommendations and training.

Service and support are offered at an hourly rate, or as part of a service contract or maintenance agreement.

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