Audio Console Giants Form New Pro Audio Group

Justin Linville, CTS   -  

In major tech news this week, British audio console manufacturers Digico, Allen & Heath, and Calrec have joined forces to create a new Pro Audio Group. The new group, to be led by Digico’s current Managing Director, James Gordon, stepping in as the group’s CEO, is aimed at providing cohesive console solutions for all sectors of the pro audio market, including installed, touring, and broadcast sound. According to Mr. Gordon:

“These are three great companies and all the brands currently in the group have enviable reputations for technology, audio quality, reliability and perhaps, most importantly, customer focus and care. The strategy is to share technology and resource across the group and allow some interconnectivity across the product lines.”

“The combined R&D teams are about to enter a new world of possibilities and we intend to take full advantage of their resource, passion and experience. It’s an amazing opportunity for us, and just maybe the whole British Pro Audio industry.”

This could mean great things for the audio industry as a whole, but what does it mean for Provision AVS and our partners?

We place a lot of emphasis on creating value in all the projects we engage with. Sometimes, the definition of ‘value’ can be different with each project, and this is why we take a great amount of time to listen, understand, and discuss the details with our partners to ensure we all agree on what creates value for that particular project.  Sometimes, value is created by cost savings. Other times, value is created by flexibility in the use of technology systems. Yet, sometimes, value is created in the longevity, reliability, and usability of the systems. When considering the aspects that create value for each project, there is rarely a one-stop solution that fits every need, and multiple variables have to be considered, which includes technology components. We have frequently discussed reasons that we choose the vendors we want to work with, and how these decisions affect your projects. The formation of this new group allows us to offer a wide variety of technology options to our partners and projects that were not previously available or as accessible, at better rates, and with a proven high level of service and support. Our track record with Digico has been superb, and we couldn’t be more pleased to have this new level of access and support from Allen & Heath and Calrec. We are confident that this new opportunity with result in long-term value for Provision and our partners, but more importantly, will serve as a tool in the growth of God’s kingdom.

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