John has been creating and implementing A/V solutions for churches and other organizations across North Carolina since 1998, drawing on a history in the communications industry that spans over 30 years.

Prior to founding Provision in 2011, John established the integration division for a corporate event production firm and managed it for 9 years. John also has an extensive professional background in commercial property development, construction project management, and building operations.  He spent 4 years as the facility director of a large Triangle-area church during which time he spearheaded A/V upgrades in multiple venues and led construction projects which quadrupled the facility footprint.

John leverages his combined experience in construction management, facility operations and A/V solutions to advocate for Provision’s clients and help them navigate the complexities of the design-build process.  He continually cultivates an awareness of industry trends, placing a high value on innovation and useful advances in technology.

John loves doing what people say can’t be done, and has a passion for helping people make wise decisions about using technology in support of their greater mission.